This website is operated by Jitangaze Kenya. This Terms and Conditions is a legal agreement between you and Jitangaze Kenya that governs your access to and use of the service being offered. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Jitangaze Kenya and ‘client’ refers to both customers and service providers using the site. Please review the entire Terms and Conditions before you decide whether to accept it and continue with the registration process.


•  "You", “you” or "Subscriber": A Customer or service provider that applies to, or registers to use, or uses, the Services offered by Jitangaze Kenya.

•  Customer – Individual who searches for service providers offering a particular service in order to hire them for a particular task.

•  Service provider – Individual who advertises either his/her services and/or products that they are looking to sell to a potential customer.

•  Client – Refers to both the customer and service provider in use of the site.

•  Subscription package – The amount of money to be paid in order to maintain an active subscription for the specified duration of the package.

Terms of Use

1.  The Company reserves the right to modify the Jitangaze Kenya Terms and Conditions at any time. Individuals visiting the site are responsible for staying up to date with the updated Terms and Conditions. Continued use of the Jitangaze Kenya Platform after any changes to the Terms and Conditions will constitute your consent to the changes made. If you require any more information about our Jitangaze Kenya Terms, please feel free to contact us by email at info@jitangaze.com

2.  The Company offers only a platform for provision of services but is not directly affiliated with the provision of these services, it offers only a platform for individuals to register and offer their services. Jitangaze Kenya is not directly involved with all registrations so please be wary and take precaution where necessary before using the site. Jitangaze Kenya will not be liable for any incidences that occur between customer and service provider.

3.  Jitangaze Kenya shall not be directly involved with the interactions between service provider and customer, we are merely providing a hosting platform where the customer and service provider can come into contact and discuss terms of agreement.

4.  We are not liable for any malice between customer and service provider as we believe the customer must provide a proper interview to the service provider before hiring. We do not provide background checks and hope that the customer will use his/her own judgment went hiring a service provider

5.  Jitangaze Kenya is not involved in pricing of services provided by the service provider, we merely host profiles and shall not be directly involved with the transaction discussions between customer and service provider

6.  We reserve the rights to use profiles in research and advertising to better provide a consistent and reliable service to all our subscribers.

7.  We reserve the right to contact or terminate clients within the platform should we see observe suspicious activities that go against our code of conduct. We assume that clients will use proper judgment while using the website for whatever service they are looking for.

8.  We reserve the rights to refunds and attempts to request a refund should be done to our official email address info@jitangaze.com or contact through our phone number +254(0)769633867. If approved, the refund shall be granted.