Jitangaze Kenya is a local platform created to move everyday tasks and services provided by the regular mwananchi to the online space. It offers profile hosting services for potential clients: Customers and Service Providers

The customer searches for service providers offering a particular service to hire them for a particular task whereas, the service provider advertises either their services and/or products that they are looking to sell to attract a potential customer. Simply put it is a dedicated platform linking the customer, who looks for a particular task to be done and, the service provider, who offers a particular service.

The customer does not have to pay to use the site but, the service provider has to pay a fee to keep their profile active. The service provider pays for the subscription that fits their needs and the subscription packages include a monthly subscription at Ksh.100 or a yearly subscription at Ksh.1000.

The main categories of service providers include carpenters, caterers, electricians, graphic designers, hairdressers, house helps, landscapers, masons, mechanics, motorbike riders, photographers, plumbers, vegetable and fruit vendors, web designers, among others. As long as you have a service to put up, you may use our platform to do so and if it is not on the list of main categories, you can add it in others.

We are a service that operates 24/7, as long as the site is up your profile will be active for searches.

How it works